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Top 5 Great­est Female Rappers

Da Brat

EMG­World lists the 5 great­est female rappers

5. Queen Latifah

Known for her aggres­sive deliv­ery and potent rhymes, we could never leave out the Queen from any list giv­ing props to the great­est female rap­pers. Her tal­ent as an actress may have per­suaded many from ever believ­ing she was once a female MC. Lat­i­fah made her pres­ence known with the release of her 1989 debut album, All Hail the Queen.

Lat­i­fah even­tu­ally evolved into an Acad­emy Award actress, as well as a media mogul whose busi­ness sense keeps her beyond paid. Though musi­cally she evolved into a singer, she is still rec­og­nized as one of the top female rap­pers of all-​time.

Most notable sin­gle:

4. Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown takes her spot as the 4th best female rap­per of all-​time. The teenage Brown released her debut album Ill Na Na on Def Jam in 1996. With pro­duc­tion from Track­mas­ters and appear­ances from Black­street to Jay-​Z, the album was a suc­cess. Ill Na Na pro­duced two hit sin­gles, “Get Me Home” and “I’ll Be” on its way to becom­ing a cer­ti­fied plat­inum album.

She joined forces with Nas, AZ and Nature to release the Dr. Dre pro­duced album, The Firm in 1997. Her sec­ond album in 1999, Chyna Doll, also reached plat­inum sta­tus. With a promis­ing career, Foxy began to tar­nish it with aris­ing legal prob­lems. Her next two albums did not reach the suc­cess of her first two. Though her spit­ting out­side the booth may have taken away her shine, Foxy can­not be for­got­ten and is rec­og­nized on our list as one of the great­est females to spit on wax.

Most notable sin­gle:
“I’ll Be”

3. Da Brat

Intro­duced by teen rap group Kris Kross to pro­ducer Jer­maine Dupri, Da Brat released her debut album Funkdafied. Da Brat made his­tory in sales with her debut album by becom­ing the first female rap­per to have a platinum-​selling album. Iron­i­cally, Da Brat’s fol­low­ing album releases never gen­er­ated the same suc­cess as the first.

Through­out her career, Da Brat made more of a name for her­self as a fea­ture artist. She was a home run hit­ter on songs with Missy Elliot, Brandy and Mariah Carey. Legal prob­lems even­tu­ally put a stop to what should have been a ris­ing career.

Most notable single:

Give it to you”

2. MC Lyte

MC Lyte is the first solo female rap­per to release a full album with her 1988 debut, Lyte as a Rock on Atlantic Records. It wasn’t until Lyte’s fourth album, Ain’t No Other, that she reached gold sta­tus. The album fea­tured her most mem­o­rable song, “Ruff­neck.” Her next album, Bad as I Wanna B, pro­duced sim­i­lar results with the smash sin­gles, “Keep On, Keepin’ On” and “Cold Rock a Party.”

MC Lyte is rec­og­nized for her smooth deliv­ery and con­sci­en­tious flow. She is hon­ored in our count­down as the sec­ond great­est female rap­per of all-​time.

Most notable single:


1. Eve

Eve takes the crown as the num­ber one female rap­per of all-​time. Her debut album, Let There Be Eve.. Ruff Ryders’ First Lady, became the first female hip-​hop album to enter at #1 on the Bill­board 200. Her sec­ond album, Scor­pion, went on to go plat­inum and win a Grammy Award for the sin­gle “Let Me Blow Ya Mind.”

The Philadel­phia diva has sold a reported 8 mil­lion records world­wide. She is the only artist on our list to have recorded a song with Michael Jack­son (But­ter­flies remix). Eve is expected to release a new album this year.

Most notable single:

“Let Me Blow Ya Mind”

Hon­or­able Mention:

Queen Pen, YoYo, Rox­anne Shante, Lau­ren Hill, Missy

**In case you’re won­der­ing.. Lil Kim never wrote her own lyrics and Nicki Minaj is still too new to be on anyone’s top 5 list.. Oth­er­wise they would’ve been listed..

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